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The Wholefood Canteen Story

The drive behind starting Wholefood Canteen was to make a difference and challenge status quo. Find out what our mission is, why we’re different and discover what we’ve learned since we opened doors 10 months ago. By Belinda Pooley I had my first light bulb moment to start Wholefood Canteen in May 2013. At the […]

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Raw Food Retreat Queen: My Interview With Leisa Wheeler

I first discovered the world of raw and living foods in 2007. At the time, I was following a strict vegan diet so the idea of forgoing meat and dairy didn’t faze me. What I was more concerned about was the dilemma of what a ‘raw foodie’ would eat if they didn’t eat beans, legumes and soy products (which I was consuming a great deal of at the time).

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