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In July this year, Wholefood Canteen turned one! And to celebrate reaching this milestone, we decided to create this guide for all of you parents but indeed, anyone who needs some inspiration when it comes to having to cater for a child’s birthday celebration.

Through the service that Wholefood Canteen provides, we get to meet and connect with over 250 families whose children eat our meals, some up to 5 days a week. So often, the conversation will turn to the parents concern about an upcoming birthday party (for their child or a friend’s child) and the food that is invariably going to be on offer.

No parent wants their child to miss out on the fun and celebration of a party but they know all to well what their child’s behaviour will end up like AFTER the party. Another issue is the growing number of food intolerances and allergies seen in many children today, making it even harder for a parent to have piece of mind at a party that their child won’t eat something that will cause a reaction.

This guide could well have been over a 100 pages but it’s a collection of 10, no fuss, ‘treat’ recipes to help get your party planning started. Every recipe is cane sugar, egg and gluten free and suitable for nut and dairy free situations too. We deliberately haven’t included any cake recipes as they’re often the easiest party food to cater for and you will find literally thousands of gorgeous recipes on the internet.

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We have always been passionate about whole foods and making food choices that will nourish us and support great health. We also believe that when it comes to parties and celebrations, the same should apply. With a bit of planning ahead it’s quite possible to create a whole food party smorgasbord that will delight the eyes and palates of small (and big!) people alike but won’t have your children bouncing off the walls for hours after.

Pinterest is my happy place and a free, invaluable resource that will provide endless hours of fun and creative inspiration for any party planning!

Enjoy and happy party planning!


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