Make Your Own: Oven Toasted Organic Granola Recipe


A great quality organic, toasted granola that’s free from puffed grains, vegetable oils and added sugar is hard to find or just plain expensive. The first market stall I ever had was selling the 3 varieties of my homemade granola; and the toasted granola was always a sell out.

Here’s the very recipe I used. It comes with a number of options for flavour variations. This will keep well if stored in an airtight container.


3 cups organic rolled oats (or any combination of rolled grains you desire)
½ cup organic shredded or flaked coconut
80 ml raw honey or maple syrup
200ml freshly squeezed apple juice
¾ cup of roughly chopped actiavted nuts (cashews, pecans and macadamias are delicious)
¼ cup seeds (sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin are all recommended)


Set oven to 175° C.
Add the oats and coconut to a big bowl and stir to combine.
On the stove top, gently heat the honey and the juice until it reaches a pouring consistency; you will need enough to thoroughly coat the oat and coconut mixture, so adjust your quantities accordingly.
Slowly add the honey and juice mixture into the oat and coconut mixture and stir until all of the dry ingredients are evenly coated but not saturated.
Evenly spread the mixture on a large flat baking tray and place in the oven, turning often so it doesn’t burn; it should take about 20 minutes to evenly toast the batch to a golden colour, but this will depend on how shallow or deep you spread it.
Separately, lightly toast the nuts and seeds until golden brown and then leave to cool; then add to the toasted oats and coconut.

Roasting finished. Now to add the dried fruit and get ready to serve with yoghurt.

Optional: Add any of the following dried fruit after the granola has cooled: currants, goji berries, diced dried apricot or figs, or cranberries.

Serve with plain yoghurt, coconut yoghurt and dairy or dairy free milk. Seriously, this stuff is divine and you will go back for seconds.

Coming next week: the recipe for my sprouted, activated, dehydrated muesli along with an almond milk recipe.

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